What Should I Pack?

What Should I Pack?!

One of the most common questions we receive is “what should I pack?!” Packing for an international trip can be daunting, but we put together a list of essentials to help you on your journey below:

  1. Layers: No matter what season – layers are always good! Wool sweaters are available all over
    Ireland and make a great keepsake.
  2. Rain Coat: A nice raincoat to be specific – consider one a little longer than usual and one with a hood that can be
    cinched to help when it gets windy.
  3. Hiking Boots/Shoes: Hiking shoes are great – you’ll probably like to do some trekking while in Ireland and they
    work get in the cities too.
  4. Extra Shoes: It rains quite a bit, but this doesn’t interfere with plans the Irish are
    used to it – you just deal with it.
  5. Jacket: Depending on the time of year take an appropriate jacket – even in the summer, it gets a
    bit windy and sometimes chilly depending what part of Ireland you are visiting.
  6. Electric Adapter: Definitely bring an adapter – Ireland uses the same type outlet as the UK “Type G” is the
    most common – but get a good adapter – the cheap ones can cause damage to those
    items plugged into them.
  7. External Phone Battery: A power pack of some sort for your phone – you are going to be taking a ton of pictures
    and don’t want to miss any because your phone isn’t charged.
  8. Travel Insurance: Not exactly something you can pack, but a necessity. Many websites offer it – don’t be caught having to pay out of pocket because you got sick or injured and how to go to the hospital.
  9. Bathing Suit: Depending on the time of year or your hotel amenities a bathing suit might be on your list
    as well.
  10. Umbrella:  This can be a difficult item to pack, but these are available everywhere in Ireland.
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