Explore Galway

A Friendly Harbor Town

The City of Galway

Visit Galway, a great city with a lot to offer. Located on the western side of Ireland, Galway is a harbor town with breathtaking beaches. There are many activities for you to enjoy in Galway including horse racing, an assortment of restaurants, shopping, and more!

The best the Galway has to offer, are its people, Galway is home to home to some of the most pleasant, polite and kind people, if you have a chance to meet and converse with some of the
locals, do so these encounters will create a wonderful memory and a great story to carry home.

Experience The Best Of Galway

Enjoy Great Activities In Galway

Experience some of Ireland’s best restaurants and pubs in Galway. Here you will find several street performers that are top knotch, you’ll hear singers, dancers, traditional as well as modern music, magicians and so much more. Galway has shopping for everyone available in quaint little shops tucked in along the cobblestone streets.

Galway is home to one of the biggest horse racing venues in Ireland, in August throngs of people flock to the little town of Ballybrit on the outskirts of Galway for “The Galway Races”.

  • Traditional Irish Pubs
  • Eclectic Food
  • Horse Racing
  • Shopping
  • Spanish Arch
  • Quay Street
  • Museums
  • Art Galleries
  • Plus Many More...
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